Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010 Notes

This month I resumed taking omeprazole, after being otherwise unable to shake some serious digestive tract disturbances. This was apparently the right move, because I am now feeling much improved in that area.

Meanwhile, once again my monthly test results were all deemed to be satisfactory by the Christiana oncologist. So, at my request, he composed and faxed to JDA a no-restrictions work release letter. I have arranged to resume my duties as a full-time employee of JDA, beginning November 1.

I have considered putting this blog on hiatus, until something "interesting" happens, rather than merely report good test results once a month. I'm now considering the possibility that returning to work will provide some grist for this mill. There may be a story here around an abnormal person attempting to resume a normal work life. If that doesn't sound compelling, and this is where the reader and I part company, then I can only convey my appreciation for sticking with me this far, which seems like a very long way already, to me.