Friday, July 13, 2012

Back To Aredia

The latest test results show that kappa free light chains are now only very slightly above normal. The kappa/lambda ratio is well within the normal range. So our concerns in this area have eased. But there's always something to worry about. This time, it's glucose, which suddenly spiked up well above the normal range. So I'm supposed to fast for next month's tests. These will also include a thyroid test. I have been noticing my weight drifting downwards again for the past few months. Since there is no evidence of myeloma activity, the possibilities include something going on with the thyroid... or the emergence of a second cancer. We will check the first possibility next month, meanwhile watching for any changes in the weight trend. If it becomes necessary to go on a cancer fishing expedition, the first step would be a CT scan.

Meanwhile, next week I resume Aredia infusions. It has been a year now since I ceased the monthly infusions I was getting. But the oral surgery that prompted this action is now more than seven months past, so it should be safe to resume them. And the spinal MRI carried out in April indicated some weakness around T8 that could be shored up. This time, though, I will be getting infusions only quarterly.