Sunday, June 2, 2013

May: Additional Tests

For May, the oncologist added to the usual blood tests the more accurate 24-hour urine protein electrophoresis (UPEP), and an x-ray bone survey. The blood tests spoke of stability, more or less, with monoclonal proteins remaining at 0.3 g/DL, and kappa free light chains edging up to 21.3 mg/L, but the kappa/lambda ratio remaining in the normal range at 1.46.

Interestingly, the UPEP test showed no monoclonal proteins at all; but "polyclonal free light chains and polyclonal IgG seen". Taken together, nothing the oncologist takes as meriting any kind of alarm.

The final impression on the bone survey was equally bland: "Stable metastatic bone survey compared with 12/29/2011." There was not even any additional compression of T8 noted, which is one of the things I was fearing. The worst that could be said was: "Stable lumbar spine with degenerative changes in the lower levels", which probably could be said of any male in his late 50's.

On the whole, there is just nothing to get excited about at this time.