Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Tests: Inconclusive

For some reason, April's test results were slow to arrive at the oncologist's office this past week (first time this has ever happened). We have them now, but are perhaps not much the wiser for it. Kappa free light chains backed off slightly, and are now barely above the top of the normal range; the kappa/lambda ratio is well within its normal range. On the other hand, the monoclonal spike in the gamma region edged up to 0.3 g/dL.

The oncologist continues to keep his powder dry. He still does not want to change anything -- yet. But he mentioned for the first time the possibility of "changing the dosage". That would mean boosting to 15 mg or 25 mg Revlimid, from the current 10 mg. Attentive readers may recall that on my return from Johns Hopkins 3 years ago I was started on 25 mg, which was subsequently reduced to 10 mg in view of the increased second cancer risk associated with long-term Revlimid exposure. But we may have to assume that risk once again.