Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Reluctant Teetotaler

As I believe I mentioned as far back as the very first post of this blog, I possess a cellarful of wine, with which I now maintain a troubled relationship. Of course, when I first became ill, the bottles nestled comfortably unmolested in their bunker for months on end. By Thanksgiving, I was able to have a glass or three with dinner, but almost immediately thereafter the stem cell transplant campaign began, and I once again had to forego the pleasures of the grape. But when I returned to Johns Hopkins in February for my 60-day follow-up, the oncologist gave me permission to take them up again, in moderation. So after a decent interval, I tried to resume, but the experiments have not gone very well. Something about alcoholic beverages upsets my stomach and causes me to feel nauseous. I have tried to gauge the minimum amount that causes these effects, but I am unable to get reliable results. So I am calling a halt to the trials for now.

I am assuming that this is caused by some interaction with one or more of my current roster of medications. For now, I am going to guess that I need more time to re-acclimate myself to the Revlimid, so I will try again in another month or so. If it turns out to be down to one of the antibiotic or anti-viral drugs then I have longer to wait. If it turns out that something has permanently changed, and I am no longer physically capable of tolerating the stuff, then you can just shoot me.

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