Saturday, May 14, 2011

Minus Aredia

The oncologist did not require much in the way of persuasion to call off the Aredia treatments for the time being, in honor of my recently discovered need for oral surgery. But he did question the need to order any CTX tests, indicating that it should only be necessary to wait a decent interval before proceeding. That was not the impression I had gained from what the endodontist had told me, so these two titans of medicine will consult, and presumably arrive at some kind of consensus on the subject.

This month, in addition to the usual blood tests (results as usual), I got a 24-hour urine test. This is really just looking for the same monoclonal proteins as the blood test, but is much more sensitive. It, too, failed to turn up anything. I also got a skeletal survey, which revealed little change since the last one I got, around a year ago. So everything is indicating stability at this point.

Recently it has seemed to me that the abdominal bloating has gotten worse, and I occasionally experience pains on the right side. Next week I am scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound, to check into this situation.

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