Sunday, August 11, 2013

Official: Return to Treatment

This past Friday, Huong and I met my new oncologist for the first time. A woman of Indian heritage considerably younger than myself, she took immediate control of my case, and established that she would be substantially more aggressive than the old guy (whom she claimed as her mentor) had been. Once again the blood test numbers have crept up slightly, and she wants to head off the disease by, for now, restoring the 25 mg dosage of Revlimid. The reader may recall that this was my original dosage on returning from Johns Hopkins 3-1/2 years ago, but it was reduced to 10 mg in view of the second cancer development risk associated with long-term exposure to Revlimid. But now fear of the resurgence of the actual first cancer has overtaken the speculative fear of a second one. She is also shifting me to a full 325 mg aspirin daily, up from 81 mg, against the increased risk of blood clots arising from the higher Revlimid dosage.

For next time, she has requested that I undergo another UPEP (urine protein electrophoresis) test, to get a set of fresh baseline results for that.

Meanwhile, none of this is having much impact on my daily life. I continue to work and play as normal. I have just returned more or less intact from an arduous three-week trip overseas. My disease-related "issues" (back pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal instability) exhibit neither deterioration nor improvement in the recent past. The changes are, so far, completely test-driven.

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