Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Lull In The Action

Now that my stem cells have been harvested there is no longer any need to get to the IPOP clinic for tests so early in the morning. Today's appointment was for 11:30 A.M., so we were able to sleep in for a change. The tests showed nothing amiss, so we were dismissed around 2 P.M. Our next appointment at the IPOP clinic isn't until 10 A.M. Monday, so we have returned to Avondale for a couple of days; there are always things that need to be done there.

There is also no need, for now, for either Neupogen or Cipro, so these have been dropped from my roster of medications. I know that Neupogen at least will make another appearance after the stem cell re-infusion; I'm not sure about Cipro.

On Monday, the two-day assault with melphalan begins, followed by the re-infusion on Wednesday; it's likely to be a pretty tough week.

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