Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Delay -- Grrrrr....

I continue to require the supplementary 2 liters of oxygen; and although the Lasix may be holding the fluid accumulation in the ankles and abdomen at bay, it is not just going away with the pneumonia, as expected. Also, the visiting nurse is alarmed by low blood pressure readings (80/60) and elevated heart rates. Apparently, one of the major concerns here is congestive heart failure.

So today the oncologist declared defeat and referred me to one of the cardiologists who worked with me during my pneumonia-related hospital stay; my appointment is for tomorrow morning, which could be an indication of how seriously this is being taken.

The oncologist also called a temporary halt to chemotherapy, the second cycle of which was to have begun tomorrow, until this heart issue has been resolved. Seems like a good idea to me, although it is frustrating to have to wait out yet another delay of unknown duration.

The only bright spot is that none of this is interfering very much with the mild physical therapy exercise routine I am currently following, although it is annoying to have to maneuver around the oxygen hoses whenever I practice walking.

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