Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Big Thank You To All

Since I don't have much of interest to report at the moment (Friday's two-hour Aredia IV drip was completely uneventful and boring), I want to take the opportunity to thank all the many, many people, far too numerous to mention individually (even if doing so didn't violate the "no names" policy I have been following with this blog), who have sent me e-mail messages, cards and gifts since I became ill. I am way overdue on this, for which I have no very good excuse, so I simply offer my apologies for my tardiness in this regard.

Special thanks go to those who have enlisted the prayers and petitions of their church or pagoda congregations on my behalf. Periodic tugging at the sleeve of the Supreme Being of one's choice certainly can't hurt.

And extra special thanks go to those who have traveled from near and far to assume the role of temporary substitute caregiver, thus enabling my poor wife to get some much-needed breaks away from this situation. Time spent at the beach with grandchildren, even if only a few days, is a tonic with amazing restorative powers, apparently.

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