Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff

As pleased as I am to be seeming to reach some sort of plateau of stability, it doesn't make the job of dreaming up topics for this blog any easier. There is nothing particularly compelling about the story of a guy who mostly spends his days swallowing pills, doing exercises, and tapping away on his computers. Sure, there is still the occasional trip to visit a doctor's office or lab; but they are becoming more rare. Let's see, I could tie up a couple of loose ends...

Did I mention that I have been off the supplemental oxygen for almost two weeks now? Yesterday the physical therapist measured my blood oxygen both before and after walking exercise, and got readings of 98% both times. So that's pretty much the end of that story.

And alert readers may wonder how the story of the rash turned out. I believe that the
hypothesis blaming Levaquin (pneumonia antibiotic) for this was proved correct, since that is the only medication that was stopped at the time that was not later resumed, and the rash has never reappeared since.

The second chemotherapy cycle ends next week. I take the last of the Revlimid on Sunday, and the final dose of dexamethasone on Monday. Wednesday I go for some tests to measure the effects, which will be discussed with the oncologist on Friday. Unless something has changed since the end of the first cycle, I am assuming that he will order me to go ahead and start the third cycle. Yawn...

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