Friday, September 11, 2009

Rounding Second, Heading For Third

Never have I seen the oncologist -- ordinarily a somewhat dour character -- so cheerful and animated; his exclamations upon how good I look, compared with the last time he saw me, he repeated several times in the course of our brief interview this morning. Since the results of the second chemotherapy cycle, as revealed by the battery of blood tests performed on Wednesday, appear to comport with his expectations, he authorized the beginning of the third cycle next Monday.

Once again he brushed aside an attempt to engage him on the subject of stem cell transplant; he simply doesn't think we should be focusing on that at this stage.

He responded to questions about flu vaccines by recommending that I get the seasonal vaccine now, and the H1N1 vaccine once it becomes available. Because of my compromised immune system, I am in one of the priority groups that is supposed to be at the head of the line for this.

He tentatively agrees with the neurosurgeon's analysis of the recent thoracic bone scan -- that my rib pain can be ascribed to the activity of the cancer -- but he wants to take another look at the situation once the third chemotherapy cycle has been completed.

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