Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Again

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday (Tuesday July 28) at 2:30 P.M. I still have pneumonia, for which I must continue to take an oral antibiotic (Levaquin 500 mg) for another week or so, but the crisis is past, supposedly.

I am still having some problems with shortness of breath, so I am also on supplemental oxygen (2 liters). This is a major inconvenience, since I must remain tethered to the oxygen machine everywhere I go in the house, and the 50 ft. hose seems to want to do anything except what I want it to do; and if I leave the house, I have to drag a tank along.

In general, between the residual effects of the pneumonia and all the medications I am taking, I am strongly demotivated to do much of anything other than sleep. I more or less have to force myself to eat, walk, use the computer, etc. That accounts for the rather long gaps between my recent posts to this blog, for which my apologies.

On a brighter note, based on the results of the ongoing blood tests, the oncologist is claiming that the Revlimid is working, and that cancer cells are being killed. Pneumonia aside, the fact that this is happening with relatively few and relatively mild side effects is very good news indeed.

I am almost to the end of the first chemotherapy cycle. I have one more dose of Revlimid to take tomorrow morning; then I get the big weekly hit of dexamethasone Friday morning; and then comes a week off, during which arrangements will be made for the second cycle.

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