Friday, July 17, 2009

One Week Into Chemotherapy

I am currently swallowing pills that come in nine different bottles.

Of these, seven are prescription-only; two are OTC.

Only two are actually a part of the chemotherapy regimen.

Two are for pain management, but the pain being managed is neither a symptom of the cancer, nor a side effect of the chemotherapy; it is rather continuing fallout from the back surgery or the radiation therapy or both.

The remaining five are addressing chemotherapy side effects, or were introduced early in the game to head off expected effects.

Other than walking, I am not doing much in the way of physical therapy. I am reintroducing, very cautiously, some of the lighter exercises. I do not want to experience the muscle spasms again. The muscle relaxant appears to be helping with that to a substantial degree.

I hesitate to claim that the situation has stabilized, but if so then this is what I will take into my next formal meeting with the oncologist, on Thursday of next week.

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