Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Comments On, Well, Comments

Having received complaints from some readers regarding their inability to post comments or even read existing ones, I decided to carry out my own investigation of the topic.

I was unable to reproduce the effect of being unable to read existing comments. If you are having this problem then I can't help you. Maybe this is another signal that you really should upgrade your browser to something more recent than Netscape Navigator 3.0? (Sorry, just couldn't resist a little sarcasm. Look, I'm still adjusting to some new medications here).

The process of posting comments does seem somewhat problematic to me. The absolutely easiest thing to do is to use the "Anonymous" profile, the main drawback of course being that your post will be labeled as being from "Anonymous". You will have to otherwise identify yourself in the text of the comment itself. Even this did not work for me the first time I tried it; I had to post the comment twice to make it "stick" for some reason.

You can use one of the other identity-based profiles, which would in turn involve having or creating a Google/AIM/OpenID/etc. identity. I can certainly understand not wanting to go to the trouble of creating any such new identity just to make it possible to post comments to this blog. But if you've got one already, you can use it.

That leaves us with the "Name/URL" profile. For this you can use any name, and you can leave the URL blank if you don't have one you can use. Again
this did not work for me the first time I tried it; I had to post the comment twice. This profile seems to me to be maybe the best alternative for most people.

Finally, I would point out that, since comments are readable publicly (they really are, trust me), they shouldn't be used to send me any messages of a personal nature. E-mail, snail mail, and telephone are still the best ways to do that. The subject of a comment should be the same as that of the blog post being commented upon.

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