Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seating Arrangements

Since I have returned home from the hospital, most of my time spent in the seated position has been on a carefully-crafted collection of pillows and cushions arranged on a rather low couch. This works, mostly, but is ultimately untenable.

Yesterday, I purchased a lift recliner as a replacement; this is the only model I was able to find that is big enough for my 6' 1" frame. Even with this, my feet dangle off the end of the footrest. I expect delivery before the end of the week.

This will also likely be where I will be seated once I return to work. The oncologists, knowing my normal work situation, are encouraging me to get back to it as soon as possible, assuming that the side effects of chemotherapy do not somehow combine to prevent it.

Speaking of chemotherapy, I am still awaiting the order for Revlimid to work its way through the respective bureaucracies of the insurance company and the specialty pharmacy. At this point, it seems unlikely that delivery will take place before Friday, if then.

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